01 أكتوبر 2012

Robot Britney.. Stand Still & Smile!

Some may say that Britney Spears is a textbook case of MK-Ultra Programming.. Multiple Alters, evil Handlers, Disney background, and even the typical mental breakdown. But the new Public Persona of the Pop Icon could be a sign of a new "advanced" technique that doesn't require the total SHATTERING of the victim's mind & character.. something more "humane" with better results.. MK_ULTRA 2.0 of sorts!

The savage ways of the likes of (Dr. Mengele) aren't suitable for victims which are prepared to be in the spotlight 24\7. The horrible details that Fritz Springmeier exposed in his book (Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave) work on "low profile, Not-famous" victims.. prostitutes, Intelligence agents and controlled Murderers & Assassins (e.g. the Batman movie theater accident, Sirhan Sirhan, etc.).. those that are disposable and not hunted by Paparazzi everywhere the go.

I think that the new robotic soulless Britney Spears is the new "Product" of the Monarch Programming\Mk-Ultra elite.. and it is doing fine, for a Robot!
She can have conversations with strangers now without breaking down. She can sing, but nothing like the way she was before, of course. She can stand still for Photoshoots and the flashes of the red carpet cameras. She can make money and please some of her previous fans.
AND she isn't bald anymore.

But an article suggests that the new B.Spears has no feelings anymore. A shell that is good at executing orders from her handlers, but with no personality of her own.

The article I refer to was titled: 
Fears for ‘robot’ Britney Spears as she makes comeback.
And I'll quote some of it here.

"...today an insider breaks the code of silence around the star to share some deeply troubling details of her latest carefully choreographed comeback."
He says: “I was with Britney when she recorded three of the tracks on her new album and the minimal amount she contributed to the creation of her music was really surprising.
“She was basically like a puppet who would be told do this, do that, and then be asked to sit down again. It was sad. From what I saw, she does nothing more than lend her name and celebrity to the production. That’s all she seems either willing or able to contribute.
“Everything else, from the writing of the lyrics and the music, to the putting the record together and co-ordinating the dance routines, is done by someone else. The tiny amount she seems to be involved in making her music would really shock her fans.”
It’s not just the music – every performance and personal appearance is meticulously controlled by Britney’s management, leading to accusations that the once fresh-faced pop icon is little more than a robot.
The Los Angeles-based source says the troubled singer does not seem to be particularly interested in music or her career, and spends most of her free time sitting at home smoking cigarettes and watching television.
The ex-pal says: “When we would be recording, the routine was always the same. Britney would turn up at the Conway Studios in Hollywood around lunchtime and when we walked in the song she was set to record would already be playing on the loud speakers.
“Britney would go into the sound booth and sing from a lyric sheet that had been printed out for her – doing a voice-over basically. But even then she could not get it right. Her voice would be off, or she would mess the words up, and we would have to sit there as she did endless retakes.
“When Britney gets home, she does not appear to have much interest in music. The whole time I was with her, she would spend most of her free time doing nothing but watching TV and smoking cigarettes. But at the same time she has this manic alter-ego that can make her seem very arrogant, like ‘I’m Britney, bitch’.”
Others in the US have complained that the 29-year-old lip-synched through all her comeback concerts and her dance routines were sluggish and dull compared to the youthful Britney who first burst on to the music scene with provocative tracks such as Oops!… I Did It Again.
So it’s in everybody’s interest, from record company bosses down, to keep their cash cow churning out the hits. The source adds: “Britney’s job is basically to follow other people’s instructions.
“From what I saw, she was very obedient when dealing with the producers who worked on her album and just nodded her head whenever they would tell her to do something. The only people she would communicate with were her entourage and her managers.”
Every aspect relating to Britney’s personal and business affairs remains under the control of her father Jamie and an attorney who have been her conservators since early 2008, following her mental breakdown.
The world looked on in horrified fascination as she lurched from crisis to crisis, shaving her head, and being pictured strapped to a stretcher to be taken in to hospital for psychiatric tests.
During that time she lost custody of her children with Kevin Federline – Sean Preston, five, and Jayden James, four – which left her distraught. Three years on and little has changed.
Although she has extensive visitation rights, she still hasn’t got a grasp on her finances despite her incredible earning power. This tour and album alone is expected to rake in tens of millions of pounds – yet she won’t have direct access to most of the money.
“She may almost act like a dead-eyed robot sometimes and seem managed to within an inch of her life by an army of managers and sycophants. But at the end of the day, she is the biggest star of the last decade, even more so than Madonna and Gaga. And she keeps on going.”
Britney’s people were unavailable for comment last night.
Source: The Mirror

You can also notice her awkward body language and the soldier-like discipline. She is acting and faking it.. just like a robot obeying strict orders.. "Stand Still!" and "Smile!"


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