02 أغسطس 2012

How to Fight the Elite using our imagination as a weapon

If you are a REAL "conspiracy theorist" - like yours truly! -   then I have an idea for you that might be useful. You see, one of the problems that plague the Truth Movements is not being able to go “mainstream” without being forced to introduce a LOT of basic background facts about the subject in question, be it (Masonry - MKultra - Bilderberg - 9/11 - etc.) , which obviously isn’t very convenient nor practical.
The “targeted” person whom you are trying to inform & initiate into The Elite’s New World Order conspiracy won’t easily accept the whole new view you are trying to explain.. which is normal. So introducing the same information in another “medium” could be very beneficial to both of you, if this medium was something that requires less “Convincing”.

What I’m talking about here is Literature. Fictional Short Stories that present the same facts but in a way that is less threatening & less shocking to the regular person.

Just imagine a short story that depicts the real ugly hidden world of Monarch Programming & The MK-Ultra project, in a dramatic way, using characters and dialogue to spread the message in an accessible way.
A thing like that can make wonders for the whole Truth Seekers movement!

Do you remember that long fighting scene in the 80s movie called (They Live!)?.. How hard was it for the hero to convince his friend to "see" the real world as it is, and to use the "special sunglasses" that enables humans to see the real face of the Secret Society that controls our Media?!
It was hard because he took a direct approach in trying to "DeProgram" his friend out of the system. But if his approach was something different and less "in your face", things could have been easier.

So, what if some of us started a website dedicated to publishing what the readers submit, and call it something like: CONSPIRACY LITERATURE or ALTERNATE FICTION, so that anyone that has an idea would be able to write it himself or give it to other "literary minded" members to develop it?

If interested, contact me at  SalamaCast(at)yahoo(dotcom)
I'll try to write an example later.. A short story about 2 of the Handlers of a famous pop singer, discussing how to control the public damage that happened after she "snapped" out of her MK programming and tried to free herself from the persons that put her under constant surveillance, controlling her every move. I would like to use the real case of Britney Spears as a base for the story, and the extensive research of Fritz Springmeier in his books about the Illuminati Formula used to make a mind control victim!


The Illuminati are using FICTION against us. Movies & Songs are full of their Hidden Symbols and twisted concepts.
The rest of the subject on Vigilant Citizen Message Boards

((simple informative pictures on Facebook about 9/11 cover-up are being used successfully to spread the word, so the next logical step is comics.
Comix with subtle story lines that assume that the reader knows nothing but the mainstream lie, and are not too "preachy" about the alternate POV that we know.))

((Writing a story imagining, for example, the last minutes of someone trapped inside the WTC and him discovering some hidden explosives by accident DOESN'T mean to delete all the articles that present the hard facts about 9/11 from the internet!!
It is just about adding another medium to the mix, for those who refuse to read the articles!
Fiction\Stories can be used to "lure" the "target audience" into something they wouldn't typically search for.
"They" use their movies & songs to spread false views, but we will be doing the exact opposite.))

((Many years ago, here in Egypt, a famous comedy actor (Muhammad Sobhi) made a very dramatic series about the history of the British Occupation of the Arab world. It was historical, AND historic!
Many were listening for the first time to things like the Protocols of Zion and watching a semi-fictional representation of the hidden world of politics of the time.

It was controversial and the Israeli media demanded its cancellation .. The series was called (A Horseman without a horse) and it was the reason that many publishers saw it profitable to re-publish the kind of conspiracy books that no one was willing to read before!

Those 30 something episodes opened new horizons for many.. me included.
It doesn't really matter what this fictional TV series was saying, but it provided a concept that most people seem to forget when it comes to politics and the big world events: Everything is NOT what it seems!
(and I don't mean the Selena Gomez song with the same name!)

The Elite themselves know that a dramatic scene is more powerful & accessible than a detailed blog post with massive amount of facts.

That is why they hate and fear the possibility of some "outsider" with money, making movies that may counter what they feed the masses daily.
When Mel Gibson made Apacalypto (a symbolic flick about the decaying American civilization because of Greed & Lust) ALL hell opened on him and he was shunned, because he was almost independent and produced the movie out of the usual circle of media moguls!

He was "out of control" and had to be stopped.
The guy used their methods to spread an opposite message to what they usually spread. Creating this type of Alternative Literature that I talked about may become a powerful weapon against the sinister fabricated mainstream.))

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