08 يوليو 2012

HeliOfant Pet Goat II Annotation

HeliOfant video Annotation  (Version 1.7)
I, Pet Goat II

(( Read my new Edits in [brackets] ))

The mistake that some people made regarding this video is treating it as if it was made by some amateur conspiracy theorist (a truth seeker), while in fact it is obvious that this kind of heavy symbolism couldn't come from anywhere other than The Elite themselves!

The new design\animation company that made this piece of art - in my opinion - is just another one of those masks that the Illuminati\Oligarchy\Elite love to hide behind.
The name of the company itself is a reference to the secret religion of the Secret Society.. Sun-Worship!

Most of those who study the Conspiracy understand this concept already, so I’ll assume a previous knowledge of the “typical” symbols and ideas while making my annotations here. This will make things a lot easier for me, especially since I’m not a native speaker of English, and writing a detailed fancy article is something I’m not well equipped to do right now!

I believe that the Animated video carries a MESSAGE from The Elite to us.. that the “second phase” of their Big Plan (what they call: The GREAT WORK) is near and inevitable.. That the New Age of “Enlightenment” is approaching!.. That it's going to be a difficult & painful process..
And they are CONSOLING us!..
The tagline says it all: ( A short film about the fire at the heart of suffering )

This refers to the main visual theme of the video, the HEART shape, especially the one on the "Christ figure" that catches the FIRE generated from all the pain & suffering, to get out of his\our sleep\trance state to a new awakening one.
From the suffering\chaos\disasters of the people (the masses) - that the Elite purposefully created by their false-flag operations & wars - will emerge fire of knOWLedge & illumination of understanding (wisdom).
Or at least this is how they JUSTIFY their EVIL!!

They believe that their manufactured new religion will UNIFY the citizens of EARTH under one flag.. A New World\Global Order.. and bring “peace” after destroying old faiths!

They are promising us that the winter of illusion\propaganda & mind control will end soon. That our suffering was a needed sacrifice to power the coming of their Messiah System.. the Big Brother that will make pain vanish and everything will be OK under his reign!

The “old lady” will be fertile again. The Phoenix will rise from the ashes. All the necessary pain was that of giving BIRTH!!

This second - and final - event that will make all this happen (as they planned) will be somehow connected - as usual! - to war, destruction, bombing Islamic countries and terror!

The name HeliOfant could mean:
Helios = Sun
Phant = to reveal, show, make visible
so, Revealer of the Sun? - Illuminator of the Truth\Light ? - A "message" from the Sun-God ?!

Of course, the title of the video refers to the incident of Bush reading the children story (The Pet Goat) in the classroom while being informed (on camera) about 9\11.

The video here recreates the setting of the classroom while illustrating the real role of Puppet Politicians like Bush\Barack.
(Goat symbolism: Baphomet, said to be worshiped by Knights Templar & in Masonry)
Uncle Baphomet

The Hidden Hand of the REAL Elite, the puppet master, moves the strings of the Public Politicians to make them act the way the Elite want them to!
The hands wear a ring of power.. Money $.
(I don’t know what the other bloody ring stands for)

The purpose of these politicians is to distract the public away from real problems and the real players (the hidden hand that rules behind the scene and uses the mask of Bush\Obama etc.)
Bush - the Dumb president - provided daily joke material for the masses to consume (via the late shows of Letterman etc.) to bamboozle the people.. A magic trick that drew attention away form the likes of CFR and Rockefeller!
(Notice the shape of the star of light on the ground. and the masonic design of the floor)
(Notice that Bush\Obama is performing his moves in the class in front of the ”Alice” girl and the other blue children)

The Puppet\Public Politician\President also provides “material” to capture the interest of conspiracy theorists, intentionally! (Devil Horns hand sign made by celebrities in front of cameras.. a lot) to “keep them busy”.

Bush’s “job” was to make a fool of himself (like the famous “fool me once...” incident), and Obama’s was to defuse the popular anger and provide false hope!
They both work for the same force.. The Elite.

They perform a written script. Reading what they are told to say.. Laughing when they are told to laugh. They are just an IMAGE.
(Notice the LOL on the teleprompter)

On and around the blackboard..
A penis (drops of semen) - EVOLUTION - The Hangman (read elsewhere about the Hanged-man Tarot card and connection to Human Sacrifice: Heath Ledger as an example)
Star of David inside the snow flake.
Shark (?!)
Owl (knOWLedge?) (It’s a symbol the Elite uses lately in their ”art”.. see latest examples in recent DC Comics issues!.. e.g Batman: The night of the owls, and Before Watchmen: The Nite Owl)

The next step of “evolution” is the new enlightened man!.. (listen to Aaron Franz podcast about the subject. TheAgeOfTransitions.com)

The One Eye symbolism.

“Alice” is sitting listening to the “show” of the fake presidents.. not convinced. She is the only one of her class that has a SHAPE.. personality. The other kids were mutilated by the corrupt education system.. they are sad freaks.. a product of the system. They are deformed & disfigured.. shapeless. Some of them look like victims of Abuse..(MKUltra programming? - Mind control & Monarch programming? - ill because of the GM food?!)

Notice the white rabbit.. by following it Alice may find the truth! (see the books of Fritz Springmeier on the subject)
She is the only kid that understood!
She sits inside the Sun\Sirius logo of HeliOfant.
The others are beaten and live in ignorance.
The truth that she “suddenly” realized scared the politician. The fear in his eyes represents the beginning of the terror that was caused by 9\11.
The Elite designed the event to scare and shock, and they succeeded in their Massive RITUAL.

The official site of the company says about the girl character:
“And suddenly a startling realization arose in Lily: "This apple is not mine", she thought. "It belongs to someone else."
The other kids are hopeless & helpless.. bound by wires and physical\psychological disabilities.

The apple (of knowledge?) may represent the shock of some Americans after understanding the con that is 9\11, and knowing for sure that they don’t CONTROL the country, and that the real power is in the hand of a hidden force.
(I don’t understand the 2 black lines and the white circle.. nor the coin underneath the shoe of the president)

The Lotus comes out of the realization & despair that the “first” 9\11 event produced.
Lotus flower symbolism in Buddhism: Re-birth - Enlightenment !!
The Lotus was important to Ancient Egyptians also.
(Also notice its connection with Baha’i Faith and its Lotus Temple in India. I believe that the prepared new unified religion that the elite want for the world is something similar to Baha’i!.. here is a picture of the temple, and a quote from the official Baha’i website about their goal of a new world order.. a one global government!)
Baha'i Lotus Temple Delhi India

Shrine of Baha'ullah -notice the sun & triangle (Masonic)

Shrine-of-Baha'ullah is in Israel
(The central theme of Baha'u'llah's message is that humanity is one single race and that the day has come for its unification in one global society. God, Baha'u'llah said, has set in motion historical forces that are breaking down traditional barriers of race, class, creed, and nation and that will, in time, give birth to a universal civilization. The principal challenge facing the peoples of the earth is to accept the fact of their oneness and to assist the processes of unification.)

The Lotus flower comes out of the mud and reaches the light of the sun, symbolizing the suffering and darkness that leads to enlightenment.

(Lotuses are symbols of purity and 'spontaneous' generation and hence symbolize divine birth.)

The awe of finally understanding how big the conspiracy really is!.. The Pawn Politicians realize their role.
Notice the reflection of the light in the drop of sweat. It looks like a Hebrew letter.. (Ayin)

which means (in Hebrew & Arabic) EYE!!
Its position on the forehead is appropriate. (Illuminati\Masonic all seeing eye - The third eye)
(In Islam, the DAJJAL “Anti-Christ” will be one-eyed, uses magic to draw people away from religion, will be helped by the Jews and Demons, and have Arabic letters on his forehead: K-F-R)
(Can someone read the graffiti inside the classroom?)
I can see now that it is only a reflection of the Psalm 23 graffiti! Some have noticed its resemblance to the word Z I O N -
Interesting, because the Olympics official ugly logo spells the word Zion also!.. And BTW, some people noticed that the DURATION of the video is 7:27 ..
The Summer Olympics begins Friday, July 27, 2012, and ends Sunday, August 12, 2012.
And I think it is the first in London since 1948, the year Israel was founded!

Graffiti: PSALM 23 (or 29) - Both are significant.

The two towers shock of controlled demolition 9\11.
(Does the white one look ”feminine” to you?!)

The Dancer character. The official site calls him SADNESS. The state of the people after 9\11.

Osama being demonized after 9\11. Notice the bloody moon, the CIA patch on his clothes, the blindfolded followers, and the black wings on him!!

Arab\Gulf Oil!.. A sea of black oil.

The “base” of America is a Star of David!.. Statue of liberty surrounded by the Oil sea.
(Notice that the real base of the statue has 11 points not 6)

The Fall of the United States.

The young generation. Being programmed even before birth!
(reminds me of scenes from 2001 Space Odyssey & The Matrix)

Manipulation of the young generation. The Media\System is EVIL.. it’s represented by the screen, the eye and the snake.

The boat that will bring the Anti-Christ to life has the head of Anubis (Ancient Egyptian god of death, with the head of a dog) 

NOT ENOUGH FIRE!!.. The heart of the Anti-Christ needs more death, destruction and sacrifices to be ignited.

In a state of sleep.
the Dajjal\Anti-Christ\NWO is on its way, but not out of the dark tunnel yet. The Elite need to bring more disasters!!

The baby became a boy. Still under the influence of the propaganda though!.. Notice the Drugs & bills (Anti depressants?)

The evil dark system uses the media to spread despair and kill joy!.. Notice the upside down pyramid.

The news doesn’t bring any hope in the future. Despair. Market Plunges. WAR. WAR.
The media provide us with a constant gloomy\fabricated image of the world.

Western fighters invade the Islamic world, using the false flag operation excuse.

Shaky hand-held camera effect. Watching the destruction live on the News. Notice the skyscrapers of the wealthy gulf countries.
(There is a saying by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) about a time when the Bedouins will compete who builds the tallest building!)

A bird-eye picture of the destroyed mosque. It looks like the famous shot of the Holy Land in Mecca! "AL-Haram"

Butterflies are symbols for TRANSFORMATION from one state to the other. The fire in the heart of the Anti-Christ is getting bigger after the killing of innocents during the invasion.

The Dancer. More Despair.

Killing innocent Muslims. The woman has a Halo (A "SHAHEED" is an Islamic concept of a Martyr, not the same as Saints in Christianity)
The Arab Muslim boy is dead now.. but don’t panic, it’s all for the greater good!!.. Trust the Illuminati!
(What is the woman holding in her hand? e-mail me your thoughts)
[Edit Feb 2013:
Now that I'm more knowledgeable on the subject of the ESOTERIC Religion of the Secret Societies and their "Arcane, Occult and Mystery Gnostic" faith, things are more clear to me. This picture hides one additional meaning to the Elite.. It's about their belief in the Ancient Egyptian pagan system - also connected to the sun - and the concept of resurrection & Man "deified" - "BECOMING God" !!
The woman is ISIS of the Osiris myth. She wept on her husband\brother who was killed by Set. The legend has the element of "perfumery" which Isis taught to the maidens of the Queen of Byblos (in Lebanon. it is the source of the word Papyrus & Bible by the way!) then she took back the coffin of her dead husband Osiris, the deity of the sun in Egypt.
Isis was the mother of Horus. Horus' right eye was the sun and the left - according to the legen - was the moon.

The beetle may represent rebirth (Ancient Egyptian symbol?) - The boy lost an EYE.
It is an Ancient Egyptian symbol representing the Sun rising!.. The Scarab Beetle was called Kheper, which meant Transforming or BECOMING.
Also, I can see the Arabic word for God on the boy's eye.. it spells ALLAH. Can anyone confirm this?

More despair and killing in Africa. Even the toys teach the children to kill!
Notice that the girl is pregnant! (The Elite think that there are TOO MANY people in Africa, so they try to "correct" the situation by inducing diseases, famine, and encouraging Genocide!!)
The working class is buried.. or is it Communism (of South America)?! - The official site calls the character “Juan Pepito”

Tanks of WAR (in China?) - The peace movement girl activist tries foolishly to stop them!

The skeleton (of war & death?) convinced her that the sacrifices are for the greater good!.. Celebrations are ongoing to welcome the near coming of the anti-Christ.

The Evil one is almost here. The fire of the heart is enough.

The coming of the Dajjal (in a look familiar to Christians)
A star Gate is being crossed apparently!
If you are good in Astronomy e-mail me. I think the star chart isn't random. It may be referring to Orion's belt and Sirius the "dog star"!

Breath of fire. His eyes remain closed.

The journey of his rebirth is near its end.
He looks as if coming out of a big mouth of a dog! (Is this a reference to the elite's legend about "Life originating from the Sirius Star aka the dog star?!")

He is FIRE. He comes with destruction of the old world. He has a Black Halo.

The Dancer transferred into a Hindu image of Destruction. (I’m not familiar with Hinduism)
The Dance of Death continues.

Some Zebra FISH will be saved from the destruction and enter his new world?.. What is the significance of the black & white stripes?
Some people think this is the Age of Pisces becoming the Age of Aquarius. ]
Phallic symbolism is obvious. The Rebirth will bring life back to the dead souls?

A new form of Christianity will be allowed in the New Age.. one that is part of the new world religion, and probably will be PASSIVE and revolve around the No-Sin concept. Pleasure of the flesh won’t be forbidden?
Notice the phallus. Penis worship is one more disgusting aspect of the weird esoteric religion of the Elite!.. You can start by researching the Egyptian "god" Min\Khem\Amsu\Menu with his infamous erect penis!. He is very important to them but I can't understand his real significance. Send me an e-mail if you can.
Also, notice another connection to Ancient Egypt. In the myth of Isis & Osiris, Osiris was chopped into 14 pieces which she found except for the penis (a fish in the Nile ate it!), so Isis made "artificial" penis - I kid you not - and got pregnant with Osiris' Son, Horus.
The rebirth will bring Fertility back (as the Elite understand it) to our dead spiritual life.

DNA of the NEW MAN?!
We as Zombies!.. The empty life of the average man.
The Elite promise us to destroy the boring old systems..
and to stop their gloomy media machine..
so we won’t be controlled by them again!.. And we will be free to think for ourselves!!

Death celebrates his role in bringing the Anti-Christ. (He holds a big knife)
(Reminds me of V for Vendetta when V conducts classic music on the sounds of his explosions & bombs!)

A new TAMED version of Islam will be allowed. The dead Muslim boy (with the 1 eye) will re-emerge as a Derwish (a Passive Sufi sect that was preferred by the British occupation of the Arab world because of its non-active approach to life!)
A famous spinning dance in Sufism. The Moon may represent Islam.
The previous destruction of the Holy Land of Islam is gone!
After Rapid Transformations and great pains..
The Dance reaches its End. Things are good & shiny!
Leaving behind the old age, and entering the New Age (of Aquarius?)
His eyes are OPEN.

The crown of thorns that represented Pain and Sin is gone.. vanished.
In the new accepted Christianity there will be no original sin.. no torturing of the self.. no repenting.
The Law is: Do What You Want! (as long as the Elite approve, of course!!)
Aleister Crowley said (Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law )
Destruction of the old church.
Even the old symbol of the Illuminati Elite will be destroyed!.. The SUN launches missiles upon the Pyramids of Egypt.
The New Age is Colorful and Fun !!
Forget all the Death & Destruction, This final scene is TOTALLY worth it!! (Sarcasm of course)
Notice the sun. It's always about the sun\light with these guys, isn't it?!!

E-mail me your Notes & Additions
SalamaCast(at)yahoo(dot com)

About the COIN under Obama's shoe..

It could be an English coin, which would be ANOTHER reference to London, after what I mentioned before (2012 Olympics logo, the clock of the classroom says 12 o'clock, the ZION graffiti under the illumination of the Big Ben tower!!)
Note: Big Ben's tower will be renamed Elizabeth Tower in honour of the Queen.
The coin's engraving could be St Edwards Crown "of England"

Some also noticed that on the EVOLUTION hangman game the only CAPITAL letters are LTN, which is the code for an Airport in LONDON!
London Luton Airport

[EDIT: Somehow I missed two important subjects that Th Elite love to spread lies about: Depopulation\Eugenics & the Environmental Agenda!.. The video refers subtly to those topics, and I intend to explain more about it soon.
For now, you can listen to the Extraordinary Radio\Podcast shows by Alan Watt, CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com ]

The eye\i motif UNDER the masonic pyramid was used in such films as Lemony Snicket. Here is a picture from it. It was written by the Jewish author Daniel Handler.

[EDIT: I recommend that you do some research on the secret real esoteric RELIGION of the Elite, to see for yourself how weird they are!.. You can start with keywords like DRUIDS - Sun God - Giza Pyramid pointing at the star SIRIUS - the two-star system of Sirius & its connection to the Sun and the HeliOfant logo - What ALLAH said in The Qur'an about the Sirius Star (Qur'an 53:49) - The Ancient Egyptian meaning of "PHRE-MASsen" and its connection to the word Free-Mason & worshiping The Light - etc.]

[EDIT: Today I found something interesting that was posted here regarding the interpretation of the LOL symbol on Obama's Teleprompter, and that it could also be connected to the masonic hidden dogma of Sun-worship !!
Look at it as if it isn't LOL but 101 or |O|
Then you may see its symbolism of a SUN rising between two Pillars or a gate!
You may also read more about this concept in Thomas Paine's article about FreeMasonry & the Druids to understand the significance of the SUN to them.
You can also examine some of the ancient book covers that belong to the Elite.. to see their usage of these symbols.
 Here is two of them:

Francis Bacon (a.k.a Bill Shakespeare!) book covers.]

 I also recommend the Audio Series of the late Bill Cooper (Milton William Cooper) : Mystery Babylon.. 42 radio episodes.
Thanks for the informative comments made by the active followers of The Vigilant Citizen site.
And I appreciate the effort of whoever spreads the word about this post..Thanks!